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Vango staff has participated in a variety of construction projects. Those projects include:

NSWC Naval Surface Warfare Center: Agile Chemical Facility (ACF) P 166
Location: Indian Head, Maryland
Project amount $12.3 million

The Indian Head division of the NSWC researches, tests, develops, evaluates, and produces energetics and energetic systems for our fighting forces around the world. The Agile Chemical Facility itself represents one of the most advanced research explosive facilities for the United States military. This complex project consisted of the phased consolidation of two operational 1950s-era munitions processing plants into a high-tech hazardous material processing and laboratory facility.

The P-166 project included the demolition of multiple pre-existing laboratory and support facilities and the construction of a new 3-story building.

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Orioles Park Camden Yard Maryland Stadium Authority Picnic Area and Concession 101 Renovations
Owner: Maryland Stadium Authority
Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Project amount: $1.8 million

Since its opening in 1992, Camden Yards has become one of the most influential ballparks built since 1909. The predominant design trend prior to 1992 consisted of the symmetrical "multi-purpose stadium". Camden Yards was the first Major League downtown "retro" ballpark built, ushering in a new era of ballpark design. The great success of Camden Yards sparked a trend in the construction of more traditional, fan-friendly ballparks in downtown locations across the U.S.

Oriole Park at Camden Yards is marking its 20th anniversary season in spring of 2012, and is turning the area overlooking center field into a year-round attraction. This street-level picnic area will be reconfigured into a park where fans can stroll in and gaze out on the diamond, including an expanded space for concessions and a rooftop viewing area.

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Walter Reed National Military Medical Center Renovations of Buildings 3 & 5 at the National Naval Medical Center
Owner: NAVFAC Washington
Location: Bethesda, Maryland
Project amount: $22 million

The Walter Reed National Military Medical Center is tri-service military medical center located in the city of Bethesda, Maryland. President Franklin D. Roosevelt selected this site in 1938, and after World War II, temporary buildings were added to accommodate up to 2,464 wounded American Sailors and Marines. It is also where the autopsy of U.S. President John F. Kennedy was performed after his assassination.

The renovation of Buildings 3 and 5, constructed in 1945, created a new Nursing Training Facility for the armed forces. During the construction two active hall walls bisecting the 3&5 buildings were maintained for public use. At the Owner's request the project was accelerated to allow occupancy two months earlier than planned.

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Reagan National Airport Runway I-19 Safety Area Enhancements and Runway 1 Hold Apron Expansion
Owner: The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA)
Location: Alexandria Virginia
Project amount: $17 million

Originally named Washington National Airport, this airport was renamed Reagan National in 1998 to honor former U.S. President Ronald W. Reagan. Construction of the original Washington National Airport began in 1940–41 amidst some controversy, when Congress, under FDR, lifted the prohibition against constructing new airports.

The improvements under this project bring the Runway Safety Area for Runway 1-19 into compliance with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) design standards. It allows the largest aircraft operating at the Airport to bypass other aircraft on the Runway 1 Hold Apron.

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Fire Station Addition, Edgewood Location, Aberdeen Proving Ground
Owner: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Location: Edgewood, Maryland
Project amount: $1.1 million

The Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG) was established in 1917, and is the oldest munitions test site in the nation. The APG consists of about 79,000 acres of land and water, and is the most rigorous test-site used under the Department of Defense. A multi-purpose proving ground, with a temperate climate, its primary mission is to plan, conduct, analyze and report on projects supporting all phases of weapons development and acquisition, including surveillance and operational tests.

The project included the design and construction of an Apparatus Bay addition for a firehouse facility, along with an administrative space and storage area to maximize its 2,800 Square Feet.

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495 Capital Beltway HOT Lanes
Owner: Capital Beltway Express, LLC (P3
Location: Arlington, Virginia
Project amount: $1.6 billion

One of Virginia's MEGAPROJECTS', the 495 Express Lanes 4-lane project span over 16 miles crossing multiple major intersection on the Virginia side connecting the Capital Beltway (495) with the Springfield Interchange. The purpose of this project is to provide high-speed toll access to Washington Metro area drivers. The second leg of the project, 395 HOT Lanes, is currently under design.

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