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Why not look at your schedules through VanView!
VanView is a CPM schedule comparison service that documents the changes between two CPM schedules. Using your native Primavera® schedules, Vango compares schedules using VanView and provides the results in a series of comprehensive and organized reports. This service is especially helpful to:

Vango can process Primavera® Project Planner version 3.1 (.PRX) or any of the Primavera® Project Manager versions (.XER) files. Simply provide your native files and Vango will do the rest. VanView out-put includes changes to activity, logic and status changes. Custom reporting can also be provided.

For an illustration of VanView output, contact us at and request a sample. Concerned about the integrity of the Primavera® Project Manager (P5 or P6) schedules exported to Primavera® Project Planner version 3.1? Ask about our error detector analysis services.

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