CPM Scheduling

Time is money. Developing and maintaining a realistic project schedule is essential for managing your project resources. Vango Construction Consulting has the experience and tools to support your CPM scheduling needs. Using Primavera© Project Management (P6), Vango professionals have the scheduling skills and construction experience to prepare and maintain your project schedule. Our scheduling services include, but are not limited to; Baseline and Recovery Schedule Preparation, Schedule Updates, Fragnet, and TIA Preparation and Review.

Project Controls

Today’s construction professionals are required to continually monitor cost, information, and resources. Depending on your project needs, Vango can advise you on off-the-shelf project control software, augment your existing software, or develop unique project control systems for your specific needs. Vango has developed systems addressing Document Management, RFI, Submittal, and Change Management, As-Built Schedule Preparation, Daily Reporting, Resource Management, HR Reporting, Small Business Tracking and Reporting, E&S Tracking, and others.

Data Management

If “keeping up with the paper work” is a short-term or continuous problem on your project, Vango can assist. We have staff that can collect and remotely populate your project control system with the daily documentation required to monitor a project. Whether Daily Reports need to be transcribed or RFI logs need updating, Vango staff is available to help.